Values, Team & Community

Understanding our vision, mission & driving force.

Our Values

Our community embraces diversity, fosters education, and empowers individuals to make informed decisions. Beyond the screens and transactions, we're committed to making a real-world difference. From sustainability initiatives to charitable partnerships, we're leveraging our technology to drive positive change within the crypto and cannabis industry.


Shiba Budz isn't just another cryptocurrency community; this is a convergence of two dynamic industries that are shaping the landscape of tomorrow. Imagine a world where your crypto investments aren't just numbers on a screen, but gateways to a digital universe infused with the essence of cannabis, powered by the security of blockchain technology. Joining us isn't just about investing; it's about being part of a movement.

Shiba Team

A decentralized and anonymous ecosystem can foster a more competitive environment, as developers from anywhere can contribute without revealing their identities, potentially leading to more rapid innovation. Governments are increasingly scrutinizing crypto projects. Anonymity and lack of centralized control can put a project at odds with regulators.

Wacky Kiyosaki - Lead Dev

"By marrying my dual expertise in crypto and gaming, I strive to create experiences that redefine how users interact with digital worlds. Whether it's creating a play-to-earn game economy or developing a decentralized gaming platform, my goal is to be at the forefront of technological innovation."

Spark Cuban - Graphic Designer & Animations

"In the crypto sphere, I've worked on everything from token logos and branding to user interface designs for decentralized apps. My designs aim to simplify complex blockchain concepts, making them accessible and engaging to both seasoned crypto enthusiasts and newcomers alike."

Shib Tyson - Lead Game Developer

"A passion for merging the dynamic realms of cryptocurrency and interactive entertainment. Specializing in blockchain integration and gameplay innovation, I lead teams to create gaming experiences that are not just fun but also financially rewarding for players.

Rolling Musk - Community Lead and Technical support

"When it comes to gaming, my experience extends to sustaining active and loyal player communities, while also providing tech support for gameplay issues, bugs, and server problems. I understand that a strong community and reliable technical support are the backbones of any successful game."