Empowering Decentralized Gaming

Shiba Budz utilizes blockchain technology to improve gaming processes and fine-tune on-chain marketplaces for Secure and Transparent Transactions.
Shiba Budz has made a permanent commitment to decentralize meme gaming and introduce cross chain compatibility for alternative gaming communities to join in on the benefits of our ecosystem whilst contributing to liquidity pools for platform operations. Our gaming culture is heavily tied to the green movement, allowing users to operate within a virtual world to farm, stake and earn BUDZ via gaming competitions and prizes. Each user will have the experience of a cannabis entrepreneur and will be able to trade virtual items for BUDZ or alternative in-game necessities.
The strongest approach to achieving our goals is simplifying accessibility to the digital infrastructure needed for participating within TreeHouse Gaming which Shiba Budz team will make available for all community members to utilize. We've started the groundwork for a non-custodial wallet that’s easily accessible (via App Stores) to host payments, De-Fi and provide a gateway to the Shiba Budz ecosystem.
Shiba Budz have fine-tuned the TreeHouse gaming platform to create a Play-to-Earn Model, our gamers can actually earn real-world value through blockchain tokens by participating in a game, which will reform the game monetization model. With the tokenization of in-game assets, it becomes easier to establish and verify original ownership, thereby offering a measure of intellectual property protection. Our smart contracts will automatically handle payouts whenever assets are resold or used in new games, providing ongoing rewards for participators. The immutability of blockchain technology retain game statistics, high scores, and other relevant data can be recorded on a blockchain, making it immutable and transparent.