$BUDZ Tokenomics

Understanding Shiba Budz distribution process and token stages.

Tokenomics - 4,200,000,000 $BUDZ (ERC20)

Presale - 2,400,000,000 $BUDZ (57.14%)

Burn - 1,000,000,000 $BUDZ (23.81%)

Liquidity/Exchange Listings - 620,000,000 $BUDZ (14.77%)

Berner Giveaway (Vested) - 420,000,000 $BUDZ (10%)

All tokens purchased during the Presale are vested for 3 months to ensure the Shiba Budz project has the fair opportunity to grow within open markets. Our launch date is scheduled for Saturday 20th April, 2024, after this date all tokens purchased will be divided and allocated accordingly to the following release dates. Once completed users will have to purchase $BUDZ on the open market as our presale is for a discounted price.

Please find below the vesting schedule for tokens purchased in the Presale:

22th April, 2024 - 25% of all account holdings

20th May, 2024 - 25% of all account holdings

24th June, 2024 - 25% of all account holdings

22nd July, 2024 - Final Airdrop of remaining balance

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