Future Developments

Expanding our Layer 2 smart contract solutions to real world assets and providing tokenization services for cannabis related corporations.

Cannabis Tokenization

The core team is also considering the release of a open sourced platform to manage the daily proceedings for a cannabis corporation. A low cost solution for upcoming businesses interested in reducing costs and attaching their business to a decentralized community. Our platform will have the ability to perform the following tasks on-chain; Product Authentication, Quality Assurance, Data Privacy, Patient Records, Tokenization, Smart Contracts for Regulatory Compliance, Rewards and Loyalty Programs.
Cannabis tokenization refers to the process of using blockchain technology to create digital tokens that represent ownership or a stake in cannabis-related assets or businesses. This emerging concept combines the growing cannabis industry with the financial innovation of tokenization, allowing for new forms of investment, transparency, and efficiency. Our end goal is to develop our open source platform for individuals and corporations to trade tokenized assets. A platform where Investors can purchase digital assets representing a share of the asset, increasing accessibility to the market. Tokenization will enable fractional ownership of cannabis-related assets, such as cultivation facilities or dispensaries.
Cannabis tokenization represents an innovative intersection between the worlds of blockchain and the burgeoning cannabis industry. It offers new opportunities for investment and growth but should be approached with a clear understanding of the associated risks and regulations.

Consumer Education

Shiba Budz platform will enable consumers to access detailed information about the strains they purchase, including their genetic lineage, cultivation methods, and testing results. This empowers consumers to make informed decisions about the products they use.

Supply Chain Management

Some cannabis tokenization projects may also involve the use of blockchain to track and manage the supply chain, from cultivation to sale. This can improve quality control and provide consumers with verified information about the products they purchase.

Research and Development

The decentralized and collaborative nature of blockchain can facilitate research and development within the cannabis industry. Researchers, growers, and product developers can securely share data and insights, advancing scientific understanding and innovation.

Immutable Record Keeping

All data recorded on the blockchain is immutable, meaning it cannot be altered or deleted. This ensures the integrity of regulatory records and prevents any party from manipulating information for fraudulent purposes.

Payment Solutions:

Traditional banking services can be difficult for the cannabis industry due to legal and regulatory issues. Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies like $BUDZ will offer a secure and efficient way to conduct transactions within the industry, bypassing the limitations of traditional banking systems. The Shiba Budz team will integrate On/Off ramps within the Shiba Wallet for a fluid ecommerce solutions, utilizing De-Fi will allow community members to purchase products using $BUDZ, $SHIB & more.

Global Trade

Shiba Budz “$BUDZ” can simplify cross-border transactions by providing a transparent and secure platform for international trade. Our smart contracts can automate customs and import/export procedures, reducing delays and errors. Blockchain's ability to record every transaction in a tamper-proof manner allows for easy tracking and tracing of cannabis products throughout their lifecycle. This is crucial for meeting strict regulatory requirements.